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Every year November 1st through December 15th we will have our yearly sample sale! We make way for our new products we sourced from market. 

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All items listed are available in our showroom for viewing!

Q: Do you deliver? A: Yes, a chair or smaller can be delivered within 20 miles of our showroom in Clive, Iowa. This is no charge. If you want a large sofa or table delivered we will produce a quote for delivery. Local pick up is always welcome and no charge. 

Q: What type of deals are there? A: 40% of red dot, some additional in store savings on brands we carry and will be announced per social media. 

Q: Do you offer shipping? A: No not at this time

Q: Can I come check out the product before I buy? 

A:Yes! We are located at 2005 NW 100th St Clive, IA 50325. Our hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. 

Q: Do you have more on sale then pictured below? 

A: You bet! There are a lot of accessories available. If you see a red dot you can expect big savings on high quality items. The only reason why we offer the sale is simply to replace the pieces with the newest from market so all are designer selected and high quality and only need to leave because of lack of space. 

*Prices below do not include sales tax and will be charged t time of sale. 

Feature Samples for Sale

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