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This project was entirely inspired by the clients that own this home. They are genuine, hardworking, and down to earth. We talked coffee on day one and I knew from that moment we had to deliver on all fronts for this amazing family. 


With a true European background, this family of four, was open to color, high utility, and maximizing space and light in this previously poor planned kitchen and bath. 

A quick look at the bones that were this previous space revealed that the door location must be completely moved, the floors were uneven and even buckling under the pressure of the previous cast iron tub, and lack of natural light in the space was dreary. 

The bright green cabinetry was custom selected, along with the wall ledge for additional creative storage. Stained wood elements were incorporated to maintain the value of wood in a historic Iowa home. 

Modern appliances were paired with the otherwise traditional look to fit the space with amenities current to the times, and a clean non distracted look along with traditional millwork. 

The final result gave this family space to prepare home cooked meals, enjoy the outdoor views, and store way more then they previously could in the floor to ceiling cabinetry. The bright colors and wall paper accents maintained character in this historic home, not to mention the real hardwood floors that now provide warmth and visual interest underfoot. 

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