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This client spent their days taking care of people. With two thriving businesses in the health care industry. Work can leave you feeling exhausted at the end of a grueling day. Not to mention coming home to four very lovely, but active children. 

This reality meant it was important for this professional family to have a space that would offer peace and tranquility, and felt like stepping into a luxury hotel. 

Technology was not forgotten, neither the extras that make this space a special get away within their own home. 

As the day begins the lights are programmed to come on gradually to gently awaken the natural rhythms that respond to light and help you emerge for the day. The automatic features create an effortless experience for our dear clients. 

Stepping into a full steam shower and resting on the built-in bench muscles are able to relax and the refreshing warmth comforts the senses before embarking on what a new day may bring.

By taking advantage of natural light and views, a gorgeous soaking tub, and bright neutral pallet, this space spares no aesthetic delight. Visually the vintage brass accents sparkle against the otherwise monochromatic scheme. 


This relaxing spa like experience sets this couple up for productivity and joy and provides a great way to begin the day.  

No detail was overlooked. The custom cut backsplash, porcelain tile floor, and all hinge mirrors helped add to this timeless bathroom design. 

We adore the family who inhabits this space! 

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