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Using Pendant Lights to Enhance Your Design

Pendant lights are delightful in every sense and aren't just for kitchen islands. Their graceful suspension makes them perfect for framing bathrooms mirrors, highlighting bed side tables, and bringing flare to an occasional built-in.

What makes using pendants a no or a go you ask? Here are a few things to consider...

Home Show Expo House 2016 MCC was the builder Eden and Gray was brought in for all interior design. See how the pendants frame in the bathroom giving it look a touch more interesting and more flattering than traditional overhead lights. These also feature a frosted glass to mute the harsh light at eye level.

Bathrooms: If you are going with pendant lights for a bathroom vanity keep in mind unless you have a lot of space they need to be narrow. Most applications can't handle more than a 4-6" diameter or width of the fixture without making it feel out of scale. Keep in mind too that clear glass at eye level can cause glare. On the same note, a fully opaque down light won't give you any flattering eye level lighting so semi opaque or translucent materials work best. Most bathroom lighting needs to be damp rated if it is near water.

Bedside: Pendants hanging over a bed side table are classy and unique. Find a fixture with a touch higher light output if you are considering it for reading in bed. Placing this light on a dimmer and a switch near your bed will make you feel like you are living in a swanky hotel and who doesn't want that?!

This Eden and Gray Design Build project Features large scale pendants that balance out an island turned dining table.

Kitchens Islands: Okay yes, they do belong over kitchen islands, its just not the only place they can go. The key here is scale and once again avoiding glare. Consider other major focal points in the room as well besides the island. Do these pendants interfere with the vent hood or make things look off centered, or do they highlight the natural architecture of the room. Not sure? No problem go to our contact page and call me and I I'll be all over it in a hot minute because scale is everything! :)

Wall Bars: We occasionally install wall bars in basements and I will interchange sconces and pendants depending on the height of the ceiling or look I'm going for, or the direction of light that is most ideal. Sconces can cast a nice semi directional light depending on the fixture, but if you have funky walls that you don't wish to wash in light, pendants may be the perfect distraction.

There is so much more to consider, light source, placement, budget, finishes, overall look, the list goes on and on, but we are here to simply say, don't ignore this lovely lighting type because it can do a lot for a little in making a space feel truly you.


Hanna Shiplett, Interior Designer at Eden and Gray Design Build

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