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Thankful 2019

It only seems fitting as we dive into the holidays to share a brief statement of the gratitude we have for our staff, vendors, clients, and cheerleaders all of whom if we did not have in our lives the business would not exist! I will also be sharing a very tasty secret family recipe that you can share at your holiday table! That last sentence is a lie. I don't like to cook so my secret stash of recipes is nil. ;) However do you like prizes? Leave a comment below about what you are grateful for this year and you'll be entered for a chance to snag an oh so cozy, two of a kind, limited edition Eden and Gray RED sweatshirt. The only other human who will have one in red is yours truly so we can twin it up. Don't forget to leave your size and tag a friend in your comment to double your chances. A live drawing will be done on Black Friday so tune into Facebook for all the fun.

So here we go! Let's see who made the list!

Jonny Ship taking care of business

1) We are grateful for Jonny Shiplett, the owner and co-creator of Eden + Gray Design Build. He is truly an unsung hero. Few people get to see this man behind the scenes so since I'm the writer here today I can vouch, this guy pushes hard. He lifts crazy heavy things in and out of the cold, he faces the brunt of client disappointment when things don't go our way, and he rarely complains. It takes a small deviation in the thermostat to get me belly aching but this guy, he's as steady as a rock and grateful as they come. He is the leader and backbone of Eden + Gray.

2) Next up is Justin Noethe our newest full time member here at Eden + Gray. We are grateful he took a chance on our business. He came from a different industry and didn't hesitate to blow us away with fancy power points, a can do attitude, and an equal care for our clientele. Thank you for all you do to support what we do here.

3) The many many designers and assistants that have crossed the threshold of 202 4th St. Suite B. Kara Garside, Graduate student in architecture, has been with us when we worked out of a bedroom office, and now visits to help out with the ever growing work load. Taylor & Sayler, my beautiful talented interns from the summer. We miss you now but you are still doing great things post Eden + Gray. And last but not least, our most recent treasure, Lisa Farrell. She fell from the heavens offering to help with whatever she could and she has been such a welcomed addition to the team as our newest design assistant.

4) Our vendors and subs. How do we thank you? I guess by paying you on time :). Thank you for caring for our clients as much as we do and sticking by your quality work. We have taken many years to curate our team and it's finally coming together. We are so grateful for your talents and crafts.

5) Our cheerleaders. You know who you are. You like our stuff on facebook and Instagram. You write us emails to tell us you love your spaces we've created for you. You always seem to come along just in time to encourage our sometimes weary hearts. We could not continue without your tireless support. You are the fuel to our fire.

6) Most importantly our clients. We say it all the time but it never means any less to us the more we say it. We are so grateful you've trusted us with your homes and offices. We do not take this lightly. We spend time with you in your home. It doesn't get more personal than that! You let us express ourselves as artists, and most importantly you support our families. We are able to feed, clothe, and support our families because you invested in our skills. THANK YOU. Seriously, we are so humbled.

Shiplett Tripletts - Thank you babies

7)You guys don't have access to computers yet but Lucy, Ian, Audrey. The Shiplett Tripletts. (Not really triplets but there are three of you). Thank you for trusting mommy and daddy. You have enjoyed many movie nights in the office, on the road, and explored project sites as you wait for us to get the work done. This is all for you. We are grateful for how you roll and how you also cheer us on, provide joy, and you're also very cute. I guess I should be thanking me and dad for that though huh? #momjoke We love you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to yours. Cheers to kicking off the holiday season and don't forget to leave a comment on you attitude of gratitude for the big red prize.


Hanna Shiplett

Interior Designer, Co-owner of Eden + Gray Design Build

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