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Setting the Mood: Feminine Rustic

It's the beginning of the week and we are feeling like we need to bring some inspiration to your screen with a beautiful pallet developed by our design staff at Eden + Gray Design Build on the busy streets of the Des Moines Metro, in the quiet of our afternoon.

Do you and your partner struggle to land on a design that is way too much the other person and makes things clash or leaves them undone completely? Try exploring elements instead of individual styles. By pulling together texture, colors, and a few key pieces you might surprise yourself with something new that will leave you and your partner with a completely original and custom look.

Here are a few things that make the above mood board successful...

  • Natural elements bring the serene outdoors into your everyday living spaces and nature is close to the hearts of every living person making it universally lovely.

  • Wood finishes are also earthy and timeless and bring a comfort to your space.

  • Neutral color palettes don't tend to offend and offer a serene setting for introducing temporary color, or feeling peaceful if you keep it toned down.

  • Organic patterns bring in interest and offer texture.

  • Contrast gives this look a cohesive and defined style that help it stand on its own and express unique personalities of its owner.

Does creating your own board seem overwhelming? It's fine I know someone... - she and her design pals are waiting for your call so don't be a stranger.

Cheers to you and yours this week and don't forget to bring beauty to all you do!

- Hanna Shiplett, Interior Designer Eden + Gray Design Build

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