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Holly & Ivy An Eden and Gray Tradition!

When we got the call four years ago to participate in the holiday decoration of the Salisbury House, a Des Moines treasure, it was an easy yes. Just walking up to this historic home fills me up in an instant. The craftsmanship of this one of a kind home is like nothing I've seen before, and visiting each year is something I look forward to. The history is rich, the materials are gorgeous, and the architecture is insanely inspirational!

This special event runs this year from December 6th to December 7th. Creme Cupcakes is going to be providing cup cakes, there will be live holiday music, and Santa is coming on Saturday. There are also two more houses you get to check out South of Grand as part of this tour.

A special thanks to Miss Susan Gill who let me borrow many of the decorations from my sweet new sister in-law and my brother's wedding. The colors are just what I needed and it turned out great! Also thank you to Miss Lisa Farrell who made a beautiful painted window and helped me pull this off for 2019!

Here is a small montage of our rooms of the past and an invitation to get tickets to the 2019 event! Jonny and I, with the help of Panduh Pancakes, created a video of our 2018 room to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and it's attached below as well!

Boy's room - Book Theme

William's Bedroom

Carl's Bedroom

William's Bedroom

Get your tickets here!

I hope we see you there! Merry Christmas 2019 from the whole team at Eden and Gray Design Build!

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