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Five Unique Kitchen Storage Ideas

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

After working with multiple clients designing their dream kitchens, we know that on the top of most people's lists is storage. We want to share five quick ideas to get you storage in ways you may not have considered until now.

Kitchen Appliance Nook

Not only does this cabinet flaunt a sleek built-in microwave with trim kit, it boasts a hinge top appliance garage. This allows for countertop storage that can look cluttered to be tucked away for a clean line.

Roller Trays

Gone are the days of awkwardly reaching to the back of your cabinet only to discover OLD moldy foods that got lost in the cavern of a deep cabinet. You can easily reach the back of the cabinet with these handy roll out trays.

Open End Cabinet

A shallow end cap bookcase is an invitation for cook books, home decor, and easy to access storage.

Hidden Mini Fridge

What a chill cabinet! #momjoke this hidden appliance is a slick as it is useful.

Tray Divider

Don't fight with your vertical storage. This simple utilitarian divider makes it easy to access cutting boards and cookie trays.

If you are thinking of remodeling or creating your own kitchen with loads of great storage, let us know! We would love to integrate some of these ideas for your own home!

All our love,

The Eden and Gray Design Build Crew

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