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Favorite Paint Colors for the Summer

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Home improvement ideas are naturally brewing in our minds during the summer, and updating paint colors in your space is an easy way to make it feel brand new.

Below are our top picks to pair perfectly with summer trends and offers some options for timeless charm.

Pro tip: When using a dark or bold color on the wall, utilize a neutral color scheme for the rest of the room. A more subtle neutral backdrop begs for colors in your accessories and is a smart choice if you already have artwork and accessories that stand on their own and have strong color schemes that may conflict with a statement color. Not sure what to do? You have our number!


CLARE - Dirty Martini

This pick is a subtle green that was inspired by the hues that occur naturally in the outdoors during the summer season. A deep plum is a fantastic accent with this color.

Benjamin Moore - Dusky Blue

Blue is one of our favorite colors. This muted blue is a subtle way to add peace and calm to your space. This next to white trim - YES PLEASE!

Farrow & Ball - Wevet

Painting your walls an off-white is always a great option to brighten up a space. If you want to try something a little different, apply this on the walls and pair it with another color on our list, La Paloma Gray, as the trim.

CLARE - Pink Sky

Want to impress your friends with your personality? Give this color a try! You'll have to be careful with the other colors in the room, but imagine this with a heavy dose of white textured linens, woven rattan, and earth bohemian accents and you've got yourself a one of a kind statement room anchored by natural textures.

Benjamin Moore - La Paloma Gray

It's hard to go wrong with a warm gray on the walls. As mentioned above, this color can also be used as a trim color to create a unique, but still neutral, space.

Benjamin Moore - Silky Smooth

Light pinks are often thought of as being a bedroom color, but they can put a fun, feminine twist on a space while also being subtle. I love this option for a powder room, sitting room, or even your home office.

CLARE - Sublime

This is considerably the boldest color on this list, but a deep teal can really be a gorgeous statement color. This color screams luxury and is a strong favorite among our team.

Now get to work before you loose your luster! We have some great recommendations for painters - give us a call and we're happy to share their names!

One last pro tip: Have your local paint store give you recommendations on sheens as well as make sure to get samples. Colors on screens are mighty deceptive and lighting in everyone's spaces are completely unique.

See you soon!

Hanna Shiplett, Interior Designer

Eden + Gray Design Build

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