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Current Kitchen Design Trends Featuring Crystal Cabinets

Kitchens have to be the number one most dreamed about room. It's where we start and end our day, gather for conversation, and celebrate with friends. In order to inspire your dreams, we are sharing the current kitchen trends that you will see in 2020, all utilizing the finest Crystal Cabinets products. As a dealer for this collection of American made cabinets, we can help you create these styles for your own kitchen. If you see something you are interested in, reach out to our team and let us design you dream kitchen!

Mixing Metals

A refined detail you can add to your kitchen for a completely custom look is playing with different metals on appliances, lights, and hardware. In this space, you can see how the designer incorporated brass, silver, and matte black metals. And that hood is so yummy with the brass and gunmetal.

Monochromatic White

It might be a stretch to call an all white kitchen a trend because it's a style that dominates the past of kitchens, but it is also the first request out of most client's mouths in meetings today. We can't deny the classy sophistication of a bright white kitchen. The key when embracing this look is creating interest with contrast of fixtures, interesting moldings, and a slight contrast in countertops.

High Tech Appliances

It's truly amazing the technology that is available for kitchen designs. You can elevate your design and the function of your kitchen by integrating high tech appliances. This kitchen features a few examples such as the range integrated into the island and the refrigerator and ovens seamlessly built into the wall. The future is now!

Frameless or "European" Style Cabinetry

Frameless cabinetry is a huge trend in 2020. This clean line cabinet is designed with a full set of design standards that are completely different from traditional framed cabinetry. The real statement of this kitchen is obviously the floating island. The natural feel of the raw edge wood slab that looks like it's floating in mid air with down lighting gives this floating island a show stopping, jaw dropping focal point and is sure to show up in more kitchens this year.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box and let us help your kitchen become the next trend that everyone can't get enough of. That is our speciality! One of a kinds design build. Call us at Eden and Gray Design Build today! 515.975.5527.

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