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Ashworth Before and After

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I am obsessed with looking at houses. I look online, I'm distracted while driving, and occasionally go to open houses even when I'm not in the market. Can you relate? There was always one house in particular that stood out to me on Ashworth road. The owner had renovated the exterior and it was a deep blue with gorgeous stone. I always enjoyed its curb appeal.

You can imagine my excitement when we got the call. The call to go IN one of my favorite homes and work on it! We loved every moment working with this couple. As fellow business owners, they understood and were glad to give us the opportunity to change many of their spaces into functioning rooms that ooze beauty and practicality.

Our client pushed us to use every square inch of the spaces she had to work with and it paid off.

Enjoy the dramatic before-and-after photos, and visit the Eden Edit in the next few months as we dive into the details of each individual room.

Laundry Room (Dog Shower)

Laundry Room

Master Closet

Bedroom Closet Make Over

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom


Basement Bedroom

In closing, beauty can be found anywhere, and with a lot of effort and a solid vision the possibilities are endless.

Let that be your motto as you go this week - find the beauty in everything you do! Leave a comment below of you before that you wish you had an after for and I'll give my ideas on how to make some magic happen!

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