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5 At-Home Work Desks For 2020

More and more people are finding the need to work from home, but sometimes it's not as easy as it looks. You can often find yourself getting off-task because of all the interruptions that come along with it, such as kids, noisy neighbors, or even the amount of space you have to work in. The best thing you can do to help elevate your at-home work regimen is to make the space YOURS. To get you started, here are 5 of the best at-home desks for you to try this year to make working from home your dream job.

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For the Mover

If you're the kind of person that has a hard time sitting still all day and you like to switch things up, this is your desk! This piece gives you options while at work to either sit or stand and it can be easily changed throughout the day to keep you on your toes (literally).

For the Type A worker:

If you are the type that can only focus when your task area is squeaky clean consider sleek storage options. This desk has a variety of storage, such as cabinets, filling drawers, and even a drawer that locks for your privacy. The cohesive keyboard tray keeps things looking tidy, and the beauty of this rich wood veneer gives you a statement piece when work is done

For the Techy

The number one thing a good desk has is a convenient and organized way for you to plug in all of your devices without having to use multiple outlets or a power strip. This beautiful desk features a synchronized slide technology outlet for this purpose, along with being crafted with luxury finishes that make you feel like the boss.

For the Designer

This collection of pieces allows you to customize your personal office to fit your needs and your space. You can choose to have open shelves to display your items or use the drawers and cabinets to keep it clean. By combining these simple modular pieces, you can create the look you want with the storage you need.

The Statement Desk:

This unique desk is actually going to be featured in Hanna's soon-to-be home office! We love how the contrast in the wood grain really makes this piece pop. This local Iowa company offers all kinds of diverse woodgrain colors, and you can even get a custom one made to perfectly match your office!

If any of these desks peak your interest but you are in need of help with the design, contact our team! We'd be more than happy to help you out as we specialize in office design and have special trade access to all of these pieces featured above.

Write for more information or drop us a comment below on what kind of worker you are!

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